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Courtney Ca is a certified Pilates instructor with 20+ years of experience in teaching Pilates and helping people achieve optimal health, flexibility and fitness. She has designed a powerful health and fitness program that keeps you strong and flexible and even helps you sleep better at night!

Even if you feel like you are too old or too weak, Courtney will show you how just 15 minutes a day can change your body and make you feel younger and more vibrantly alive! Also her program will help strengthen your mind as well as your body because it builds new neural pathways in your brain enhancing brain plasticity. When you make Pilates a part of your daily ritual, you get blood circulating, nerves stretched and muscles conditioned and your body is happy!


A senior herself, and a stroke survivor, Courtney is living proof that you can heal yourself with exercise and a positive mindset. In March of 2014 she suffered a major stroke and aneurysm and was able to heal herself with PILATES!  She can help anyone regain strength and vitality and FEEL BETTER!  Regardless of age, limitations or injuries, original Pilates exercises can be modified for whatever problem or range of motion a body may have. And this form of exercise can help to heal and will expand the body’s range of motion.

She will come to your home, office or gym 

Get ready to watch yourself TRANSFORM! 



One on One Personal Pilates Training 

with Courtney

INCALL $75/hr at Integration Studios 

23564 Calabasas Rd, Ste 203   Calabasas CA 91302  

OUTCALL $90/hr (within 25 mile radius of the studio)

*Ask about my $50 SPECIAL for a 35 minute quick hard workout! Feel stretched and revitalized without having to give up your whole day or evening ($150 for package of 3)

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“Nothing is more important than your health and all it takes  is commitment to investing in yourself with consistent workouts to create a more flexible, fit and happy you! I am here to help guide you every step of the way and there is no reason not to get out of your own way and start today!”


I will train ​you in your home or o​ffice!

Don't want to take time out of your busy life of work? No problem! I can save you the commute and hassle by coming to your home or office. Depending on the package you purchase I can also bring my pedipol & other equipment to help train you for optimal results. I look forward to helping lead you on the road to complete health and wellness through a series of strengthening  exercises that will soon have you feeling like a vibrantly alive brand new person!